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Emu Oil Soap | 100g

Emu Oil Soap | 100g
Emu Oil Soap | 100g

Your soap is the first step in your beauty routine so choosing the right one is important in order to enjoy hydrated and healthy skin without irritating it. Emu Dundee suggests a 100% emu oil soap that will pamper your skin with a cocktail of vitamins morning and night.


This revitalizing beauty bar releases its nourishing, moisturizing and soothing properties as it cleans skin gently without irritating it. Thanks to its emollient properties, it unclogs your pores deep down while preventing your skin from drying out. Your skin will clean and soft all day after using this soap!

Natural product made from emu oil
Made in Canada



Product specification
Dosage Clean your face and body by wetting and lathering the bar of soap. Our soap is so mild that you can also use it to remove your makeup!
Non-medicinal ingredients Cocos Nucifera, Helianthus annuss, Dromiceius (Emu Oil), Aqua, Caprae Lac, Theobroma cacao, Cera Alba
Medicinal ingredients Does not contain medicinal ingredients.
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