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Baby Care gift Pack

Baby Care gift Pack
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Baby Care gift Pack


·         100% natural, rich in essential fatty acids

·         anti-dehydrating, soothing and regenerative


Keeps the epidermis healthy while renewing suppleness and comfort


Body and hair wash:

·         Cleans and soothes dry skin

·         Gentle and smooth to suit baby’s delicate skin

·         Reduces scalp dryness


Leaves skin soft and moisturized


Zinc cream:

·         Protects irritated and inflamed skin while creating a wet-barrier that promotes skin healing

·         Protects baby’s sensitive skin (bottom)

·         Alcohol, paraben and petroleum free. 


Provides a 100% natural protective barrier


100% pure emu oil:

·           Relieves your baby’s minor discomforts such as irritation and itching, including skin rash


Soothes and reduces skin infection


Bar of soap:

·         Cleans while keeping your baby’s skin moist


Leaves skin soft and moist

Natural products made from emu oil
Made in Canada