Emu Oil and Seaweed Soap

Emu Oil and Seaweed Soap
Emu Oil and Seaweed Soap

Are you looking for a natural product that purifies and unclogs the skin? Our emu oil and seaweed soap combines the benefits of iodine and the nourishing properties of fatty acids. The result is a bar of soap suitable for all skin types.


Seaweed contains high concentrations of nutrients and minerals essential to the skin and it boosts the nutritional properties of emu oil. The end result is a soap that stimulates cell renewal, hydrates the top layers of the skin and gently purifies your pores. This soap has anti-ageing, nourishing and detoxifying properties. What more could you ask for?



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Product specification
Dosage Clean your face and body by wetting and lathering the bar of soap. Our soap is so mild that you can also use it to remove your makeup!
Non-medicinal ingredients Cocos Nucifera, Helianthus annuss, Aqua, Dromiceius (Emu Oil), Caprae Lac, Theobroma cacao, Cera Alba, Aroma
Medicinal ingredients Does not contain medicinal ingredients.