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Our story behind Emu Dundee


The first breeding couple were imported into Quebec by Jocelyne Brisson


Official creation of the emu breeding farm


The herd grew to 250 emus/ratites and Jocelyne Brisson acted as a consultant for other breeders


Specialization in the production of emu oil


Birth of the Emu Dundee company


Emu Dundee products were distributed for the first time in France


The brand is now 20 years old and the local and regional ambassadors program has been launched

Emu Dundee was founded in 1997 by Jocelyne Brisson and Gabriel Melançon as a result of their shared passion for animal breeding and natural products. The co-founders are both from families who operated dairy farms in Témiscamingue in North-West Quebec. Jocelyne Brisson was the first woman to import and breed these exotic birds. Her determination and courage and Gabriel Melançon’s keen business savvy allowed them to develop the business in a sustainable way, turning it into a dynamic and renowned company while retaining the human aspect.

After building up years of expertise in emu breeding, the co-founders set up their premises and laboratories in Saint-Eustache (north of Montreal) so they could concentrate exclusively on processing emu oil and developing a product range that showcases its benefits. Emu fat is sourced from breeders in several regions, processed according to refining standards in state-of-the-art facilities and the end product is tested to ensure consistent high quality.

Emu Dundee was a trailblazer in the field of natural health products and dermocosmetics and the benefits of emu oil are showcased in every product.

After consulting a team of experts in the field of manufacturing processes, we have contracted the services of a quality controller and acquired an operating licence. This ensures the quality of our products while respecting the standards established by Health Canada.

Emu oil is much more than a cosmetic product. Over the years, we have learned about its range of benefits. Recent research on the components of emu oil has shown that its properties can effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles and restore skin elasticity. This is why we combine emu oil with other hydrating products for optimum effectiveness. Our products are primarily made up of high-performance natural agents and each individual ingredient is listed on the product label.

A visionary business that became a mentor

Our wide range of products is sold online and in over 2,500 stores. Emu Dundee also benefits from a solid reputation among consumers for quality products and excellent production methods. Our team of professionals who are passionate about natural products and cosmetics are experts in quality control, packaging and labelling. We now offer smaller businesses the opportunity to manufacture their high-quality health and cosmetic products in our laboratory so they can benefit from our experience and support. Emu Dundee has become a consultant and expert in the field.

Our Commitment

  • Always deliver superior quality products
  • Always be transparent in our dealings
  • Share our expertise in the field
  • Contribute to the community’s wellbeing
  • The 5 benefits of emu oil

Our values and mission

Due to originality and a visionary approach, Emu Dundee has become a leading expert in Quebec. The company’s mission is to produce high-quality products from natural emu oil that is 100% pure.

Emu Dundee is aware that the natural benefits of this product are generally unrecognized so we aim to raise awareness of the wide range of benefits that emu oil delivers. We guarantee Health Canada certified products and high-quality refinement and we are committed to providing our customers with a wide range of products adapted to their needs (health, wellbeing, cosmetic…).


Our team is made up of highly skilled and knowledgeable people who give their all each day and are passionate about the field we work in and about health and cosmetic products.

Sharing and Creativity

One of the driving forces of our company is the desire to share know-how of the numerous benefits of emu oil by crafting products that are adapted to our daily needs and the needs of our customers.

Precision and Requirements

Excellence is our number one criteria when it comes to the quality of our raw material, the reliability of our suppliers, our production process and certification and the quality of our customer service.