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Animal care

Model: 5 produits Animeu
The benefits of emu oil: now for your pets!Our Animeu discovery combo is ideal for discovering our new range entirely dedicated to pets.In addition, you save compared to purchasing separate products AND shipping is included.This set contains 5 products:Shampoo: 100% natural, based on emu oil, colloi..
Model: Vapo-démêlant Animeu
This natural detangler enriched with emu oil, organic sweet almond oil and jojoba is specially designed to make brushing your pet a breeze.Its 100% natural, pH-balanced formula brings softness and shines to the coat while nourishing your pet's skin. The essential oils of mandarin, lemon and lavender..
Model: Shampoing animeu
This natural shampoo enriched with emu oil, colloidal oatmeal and calendula gently cleanse your pet's coat while maintaining the balance of its skin flora.Thanks to its unique formula, Animeu shampoo is both a gentle and effective cleaning product, as well as a natural moisturizer.With its sweet sce..
Model: Vapo-detente Animeu
Animeu Vapo-Relaxation is an ambient mist to deodorize, calm and soothe your animals.Useful to reduce anxiety related to a car ride, a visit to the vet or just when you leave the house.Just shake the bottle, then spray a few jets to start the relaxation process.Its proven blend of essential oils (or..
Model: Huile Animeu
Emu Dundee 100% Pure Emu Oil naturally contains essential fatty acids (omega-3-6-7-9) known to be powerful natural emollients and for their nourishing properties.For external use:     Effective in soothing itching and moisturizing the skin and coat.It can also be applied in ..
Model: Pommade Animeu
This balm with emu oil, allantoin and bisabolol protects and relieves your pet's skin.It can be used as a moisturizer for dry or cracked pads, on the paws or directly on the skin, with or without a bandage.Ideal before a walk as protection against snow, cold, salt or heat.This 100% natural product i..
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