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Body Care Gift Box

Body Care Gift Box
Body Care Gift Box

This set includes 3 body products:

-Shower gel | Treating and cleaning | 250ml: Our shower gel is certified by Health Canada to relieve itching caused by dry skin and to decrease minor skin irritations caused by rashes, eczema, poison ivy and insect bites.

-Dry oil | 100ml: Dry body oil is a complex of oils that penetrates quickly and leaves skin soft and silky without any greasy film. It is composed of jojoba and arnica oil. You can enjoy the benefits of these oils without the oily effect that they normally provide.

-Hand cream | Repairing treatment | 120ml: This nourishing and repairing treatment for dry and chapped hands combines the benefits of allantoin and extracts of apple, watermelon and lentil to protect the skin from external aggressions such as cold and disinfectant. 

This set comes in a gift box
Natural products made from emu oil
Made in Canada